Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Vintage Delight

CHEZ MOI  : "Romantic Old Ruins" Adult & PG version, an exclusive for TRES CHIC  May 17th to June 10th.
CHEZ MOI : "Miami Patio Set" Adult and PG version, available @ new round of SHINY SHABBY till June 16th.

Mesh India : "Ratna Decor Gacha", in the picture, Wood Panel Screen, Bucket Red Flower Decor, Bronze Bird Tree Cage, Royal Wine Case, Milk Can Decor, available @ PocketGacha till June 14th.
Serenity Style : "The Ice Cream Company Cart", exclusive for the new round of Ultra started May 15th.

Little Branch : FloweringDogwood v2 {Animated} Seasons, available @ Sense till June 8th.
Little Branch : YellowOrchidtree v2 {Animated} Seasons, avaliable @ FaMESHed GO Event , till June 10th.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

If i could change something in the world...

A&D Clothing : Jacket "Donald" with HUD for Slink, Signature, Belleza, TMP, Adam and SL Body.

[zerkalo] : Biker's Place Set, in the picture, Bike Bar, Helmet Rack, Mail Box, available @ Uber till May 23rd.

[zerkalo] : Relaxed Corner, in the picture, Bed Adult, Quilted Plaid, Two Pillows, Rug, Plane Propeller, Connector, Knot Lamp Tied, Water Pipe, Fireplace (RARE), Towels. Available @ Kustom9 till June 10th.

Refuge : Mayza May Chair Dark, available @ The Fantasy Collective till June 10th.

DJ / SF : Upcycled Drawers, 3 colors available, Shabby, White and Garden. Find it @ Illuminate till June 13th.

* The pants are from A&D Clothing too.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


MGmen's  : Jacket 2Red and Short 2Red, for Signature, Belleza, TMP and SL Body. Available @ TMD  till May 31st.

KraftWork : Puget Sound Retreat, available @ 6º Republic Event  till May 20th.

KraftWork : Puget Sound Sundry, Bowl, Hanging Lamp, Pouffe Dark, Pouffe Light, Sculptures, Seattle Silhouette, Stool, Wall panel. Available @ 6º Republic Event till May 20th.

Raindale : Wonderland mushroom, blue, purple, red. Available @ Enchantment till May 31st.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Summer retreat

Raindale : "Longhaven cottage" with lights, an exclusive release for May edition of Builder's Box .

GOOSE  : Sedona garden room gacha, available @ 6º Republic Event till May 20th.

GOOSE : Rotan lounge chair MOJITO and CHOCOLAT, available @ Cosmopolitan till May 18th.

DJ / SF : Patio Heater Rusty available @ On9 till May 31st.

Zen Creations : Flower Sale Set.

Little Branch : MoonFlowerShade {Animated}, available @  The Liaison Collaborative till May 26th.

Friday, May 11, 2018


.:LAVAROCK CREATIONS.: : Tiko Sleevless Male Shirt for  Signature, Slink, Belleza, Slink, Adam, Exmachina.

Serenity Style : Musicland Nashville GACHA, available @ 6º Republic Event till May 20th.

Sunday, May 6, 2018


DaD : "Ocean Wave" House with HUD, available @ 6º Republic Event 6th - 20th May.

[Merak] : Secrets Set (Sofa, Coffee Table, Room Divider), for FaMESHed Bday round till May 27th.

CHEZ MOI : Fancy Dining Room, available @  The Liaison Collaborative till May 26th.

Raindale : Darlow room divider 1, an exclusive for The Liaison Collaborative till May 26th.

Refuge : Spring Gala, exclusively @ FaMESHed till May 27th.

Mesh India : Siddhartha Decor Full Set.

Little Branch : BurOak {Animated} 4Seasons and Bougainvillea {Animated} Seasons Limited Edition available @ FaMESHed till May 27th. 

Zen Creations : Funky Futon Adult and PG Menu with UHD to resize and change colors.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Bed of roses

INVICTUS : Dark  Jeans  Skinny I7 for SIGNATURE. SLINK, AESTHETIC,TMP and SL Body. Available @ MOM till May 15th.

Aphrodite Shop : <Heart Homes> Spring Joy Bed - ADULT-BDSM.

[BR] BellaRose : Brie Sofa PG, available @ Cosmopolitan till May 5th.

Refuge :  Fairytale Mirror Silver.

Thank you Love for being there always ♥

Monday, April 30, 2018


*Birth* : 'Ryu' Catwa & Body Appliers, Shape included, 9 Tones in Fatpacks (Full Range),  4 Eyebrow Colours, Browless Option,  6 Beards in Tintable White - Black, Blonde, Brown, Red Hairbase Colours, Off buttons for hairbase and beards. Available @ MOM  till May 15th.

.Façade.. :  Demons unisex tattoo for SLINK, SIGNATURE, TPM, OMEGA, BELLEZA, MAITREYA and SL body. Available @ MOM till May 15th.

Meva : Jiro Top for Signature and Belleza, available @ MOM till May 15th.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Hello Spring

Serenity Style : Country Spring Retreat, available @ the new round of Illuminate , started on April 18th and till May 13th.

Serenity Style : La Dolce VIta Patio an exclusive for the new round of Shiny Shabby , started on April 20th and till May 15th.

Raindale : Brightshore Gacha, in the picture bench blue, bench red, cupcakes, drinks, table plain, welcome sign.

Raindale : Shalaby pouf,with Tinting HUD, available @ Sense Event started April 15th till May 8th.

CHEZ MOI : Tree Bench Magnolia, PG and Adult version an exclusive for Limit8 , April 18th till May 13th.

GOOSE : Stackable Leather Ottoman Chairs (sea and red) group gift @ main store.

Little Branch : FloweringDogwood {Animated} Seasons, available @ The Chapter Four .

Zen Creations : Flower Fresh Chair Set.

[ zerkalo ] : Spring Tenderness Gacha, in the picture, Swing - RARE, Tulip Umbrella, Hello Spring Sign, Pillow, Tulip Basket, Tulip Envelope, available @ The Epiphany till May 12th.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Galland Homes : "Cape Hatteras", available @ Ultra , started April 15th.

UnKindness : Contemporary Garden Set, available @ FaMESHed till April 27th.

Little Branch :YellowOrchidtree{Animated} Seasons available @ The Liaison Collaborative till April 26th.

Little Branch : CatalpaTree{Animated} 4Seasons available @ Illuminate till May 13th.

Little Branch : BlackOliveTree{Animated} 4Seasons, available @ FaMESHed till April 27th.

[Merak] : "Sweet Retreat", available @ FaMESHed till April 27th.

CHEZ MOI : Bubble Chair & Table,  available @ The Liaison Collaborative till April 26th.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Where I wait

OUTLIER.// : Hudson Short Hoodie Snow and Hudson Denim Blue [FitMesh], available @ EQUAL10 EVENT till May 5th.

.Façade. : "Death Rate",  unisex tattoo for SLINK, SIGNATURE, TPM, OMEGA, BELLEZA, MAITREYA and SL body. Available @ Rotten Egg Hunt till April 28th.

KraftWork : Chelsea Rain Building/Loft for April round of  Deco(c)rate .

Mesh India : "Whatever the weather" decor set  for April round of  Deco(c)rate .

Saturday, April 7, 2018


MGMen's : Set UFC (Jacket, Pants, T-Shirt, Mask), for Signature, Belleza, TMP and SL Body. Available @ TMD till April 30th.

KraftWork : Grunge Scene Backdrop.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Oasis of peace

[Merak] : Kyokkyo house, available @ NEO JAPAN till April 22nd.

Aphrodite Shop : Aphrodite Rattan Chair & Table Set, available @ SaNaRae , till April 18th.

GALLAND HOMES : Hatteras Bedroom Items, in the picture, Side Table (Teal), Dresser - Mixed Teal, Slip Cover Chair - Stiped. Available @ Illuminate till April 14th.

Zen Creations : Country Flower & Eggs Set.

KraftWork : Tapbrella, available @  FaMESHed till April 27th.

Serenity Style : Duke Retro Gacha, in the picture, Retro Radio Rare, Retro Headphones Rare, available @ The Liaison Collaborative till April 26th.

Serenity Style : Mozart Spring Set, includes, Sofa, Table, Pictures, Fishbowl branches, Books. Available @ Deco(c)rate April round.

Serenity Style : Igor Vintage Sports Gacha, in the picture, Punching Bag, Ball, Baseball Equipment, Boxing Gloves RARE, Picture 1.

Mesh India : Kurunchi Flower Decor Gacha Set, in the picture, Samia White Plant RARE, Yellow Mani Plant, available @ GachaLand till April 30th.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Have a drink on me

OUTLIER.//  : Patched Rebellion Denim and VPRWVE Windbreaker, both for Signature, Belleza, Slink. Available @ MOM till April 15th.

GOOSE : Brittany Pergola and stone path, available @ Cosmopolitan with a discount of 20% during the event and till April 7th.

CHEZ MOI  : Shabby Greenhouse, available @ Cosmopolitan till April 7th.

CHEZ MOI : Garden Shelf, available @ Shiny Shabby till April 15th.

CHEZ MOI : Color Home Patio Set, an exclusive for  TRES CHIC  till April 10th.

DJ / SF : Bar Light, Bar Stool  Light, available @ Shiny Shabby till April 15th.

Zen Creations : Plant Holder Scale Set.

Little Branch : LimeTree (Animated) 4Sesons and OrangeTree Young, available @ The Clique Event till April 4th.

Saturday, March 31, 2018


Meva : Carter Outfit, available @ MOM till April 15th.